WCFW Day 3 and Website Updates

Day 3 of Western Canada Fashion Week just wrapped up a few hours ago.  Featured designers included: Nina Nayema, Africstyle Fashion, Tishynah Buffalo, Creations Youd, Shankar Couture, and Tounkara.  Tomorrow is an off day which gives everyone a break and a chance to hunt for Easter eggs with our families.  The show has been absolutely amazing so far with.  I am currently sorting through all of the photos from Days 1 to 3 and hope to have some more photos up on the website by end of the day tomorrow.  

Note these are straight out of the camera JPEGs that I am uploading to give you all a flavor of some of the designs that are being showcased.  Fortunately, the Olympus JPEG engine in my EM-1 pumps out some great colours and JPEGS.  Feel free to comment on the photos and let me know what you think.  Thanks in advance for the feedback.

I've also been busy updating the website and moving things around.  I've added an "About" page with my contact information as well as connected my social media accounts.