Starting to Post WCFW Day 2 Photos

I am just starting to post WCFW Day 2 photos.  Things have been getting in the way of reviewing and editing the photos.  I had some real estate and other shoots that I had to complete to meet client deadlines which was not helped when I twisted my ankle and am still nursing that injury. 

The other part of the problem is that I took way too many photos each day.  The OMD-EM1 has an incredible 6+ fps continuous frame rate even with AF tracking.   Each night generated over 1000 photos!  I have 700 more to go for Day 2.    

Tonight, I posted the photos of the collection from Aman Couture.   The show started with a dancer in a vibrant outfit and each ensemble contained lots of great colours and beautiful jewelry.  I hope I was able to capture the vivid colours of the designs and the elegance of the models in the photos.  Enjoy!