New Homes and Land Issue Released

The latest issue of Homes and Land was released this past weekend.  This marks the fourth consecutive issue where we've helped place at least one ad placement in Homes and Land for our clients.  They have taken advantage of our excellent pricing and inclusive service to place their ads.  Thanks again!  Click the link below to be taken to the online version of the Homes and Land of Edmonton. 

Homes and Land of Edmonton

As I was doing some research, I came upon a recent study that found that magazines provided the best return on investment of advertising dollars.  They compared magazines to display, TV, digital video and other advertising mediums.  According to the study, magazines provided an average increase of $3.94 in dollar sales per dollar spent on advertising (return on ad spending or ROAS).  In second and third places were display and cross media at $2.63 and $2.62, respectively.   I suppose that is why the local bookstores and drugstores still have such large magazine racks.  A lot of companies, people definitely know this.

Follow the link below for a short read about the study.  

Sweeping CPG Study Finds Magazines Deliver Biggest Bang for Buck