WCFW Day 2 Zapato Sanchez Handmade Shoes

I finished editing my shots from the Zapato Sanchez collection on Day 2.  It was really challenging switching from shooting the other collections because I knew that although the clothing supplied by Derks would be elegant and classy, the shoes were the showcase in this collection.  Relative to photographing model faces, trying to capture the model's shoes while they are moving around is very difficult.  I must admit that it took more adjustment than I was expecting and am planning on some more practice so that I am better prepared for the next show.

Regardless of my own shortcomings, the shoes exhibited by Mr. Sanchez were very classy and stylish and are handmade in Canada!  Next time I'm shopping for some new shoes to go with my suits I'll definitely be looking at some of these.  

In addition to Zapato Sanchez, I've also posted an incomplete update of Designerz Den by Esha.  Some projects have come up and I'll need to squeeze some time to do the remaining edits.    

Hope everyone had a good long weekend and enjoy the photos.