Photowalk with Jay Dickman

Mcbain Camera and Olympus put on a great 2 day "seminar" with National Geographic photographer Jay Dickman on Friday and Saturday.  Friday night was a 2 hour presentation by Jay.   He began with a summary of his start in photography then he described his philosophy/methodology that he uses when photographing for National Geographic.   He uses a 5 step process: 1) establish the setting, 2) shoot the details, 3) shoot the people, 4) capture the moment, 5) close the story. 

Saturday morning there was a photowalk at Fort Edmonton Park.  It was a great day for photography as the sun was out but it was not too hot.  The park was busy but not overwhelming.  Jay wanted us to take the approach of being on "assignment with National Geographic" and apply the elements of photographic storytelling that he described in his presentation.  I tried to apply his "assignment" literally and immersed myself in the history of Fort Edmonton Park.  I wanted to capture the history with none of the modern elements.  This proved quite difficult as the park has numerous garbage cans littered throughout with black plastic bags.  This is great for keeping the park clean but not great for capturing 1905 Edmonton!